JBL Stadium GTO960C 3/4" High-Performance Multi-Element Speaker+Component System

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The JBL GTO Series high-fidelity automotive speakers feature innovative technologies that weve engineered for the environment and conditions in todays cars to help them deliver exceptional sound. Using carbon-injected Plus One (U.S. patent no. 7,548,631) woofer cones, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) frames, butyl-rubber surrounds and fabric tweeter diaphragms, the GTO Series automotive speakers are the ideal upgrade to any cars audio system. GTO Series speakers, including component separates with woofer, tweeter and passive crossover, cover the most popular factory-replacement and aftermarket sizes. Other unique features "such as UniPivot? (U.S. patent no. 6,002,780) tweeter positioning and tweeter level controls on select coaxial models, and the I-Mount? (U.S. patent no. 5,859,917) system for the tweeters in the component separates "provide even greater installation flexibility so you can more easily achieve the ultimate in-vehicle sound experience. Easily installed and built to last, the JBL GTO Series speakers bring music to life in your car.3-way UpgradabilityCrossovers on component systems are gap-switchable to accommodate a midrange upgrade. The optional midrange includes a band pass crossover to convert a two-way system into a three way system with perfect tonal balance and is designed to fit into many factory three-way applications.High Output 2 Ohm DesignHigh output 2 ohm design with low impedance voice coils extracts every watt from the amplifier, delivering peak power with ease. Lower impedance also compensates for any added resistance in thin factory-installed wiring.Harman Standard Reliability TestingJBL speakers have to go through environmental testing that would destroy otherspeakers. JBL freezes them, bakes them, shakes them, blasts them withultraviolet light and drives them at full power for days at a time.Competitively TunedJBL employs second order filters for tweeters and sophisticated two-waycrossovers for multi-element speakers and component systems resultingin higher power handling and added flexibility and accuracy when tuningspeakers. A higher quality crossover allows JBLs wizards to consider speakeracoustic characteristics as well as specifications when tuning the JBL sound.Power Handling: 135Wrms, 405W peakSensitivity (@ 2.83V): 94dBFrequency Response: 35Hz "25kHzVoice Coil Diameter: 1-7/16 in. (35mm)Impedance: 2.5 ohmsWhats in the box?2 x Speakers2 x Grilles2 x Spacers2 x Foam gaskets2 x Crossovers2 x Tweeters2 x Flush-mount cups2 x Threaded flush-mount adapters2 x Plastic locking nuts2 x Surface-mount cups2 x Starfish tweeter mounts