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About Us

“We strive for the balance and exclusivity of having a marriage of both a usable work of art and a piece of new history to be cherished and passed down through the generations to come.”


We require a relationship with our clients from day one and then on. We know that the only way to achieve perfection is to know your wants, needs and dreams. We know that communication is the key to making this happen.


Paint is typically one of the most difficult decisions to make, we will work with you to offer digital services, portfolio images, creative insight and spray samples to ensure your baby is covered in the finest personality known to man.

Fit & Finish

Our core foundation is that no product will live with our name that is less than our level of perfect. We will never release a Black Edition product that has cut a corner or that is missing a dotted i or a crossed t.

Design & Vision

From the beginning we will work with you one on one to make the finished product a piece of you, the vision you have inside will become a reality.


When you see a beautiful creation, natural or mechanical the connection is instant. What builds the lasting bond is your interaction with it. Like a glove is the goal and what you will have with a black edition product.

Power & Drive

Whether our target is an immaculate noise from a carbureted raw power plant or a twin turbo’d EFI monster the end result is simple. Your hearts beat will be connected forever to the pedal on the right.