Kicker Dual 12 Solo-Baric L7S Enclosure

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Overview 44DL7S122

Kicker optimized the 44DL7S122 enclosure for their legendary 12" Solo-Baric™ square subwoofers. This 2-ohm sub enclosure handles up to 1500 watts RMS without breaking a sweat, and the innovative square cones move much more air than conventional 12" round cones. Power this enclosure with a nice amp, and you will experience world-shaking bass.

The woofer's forged aluminum frame and Santoprene™ rubber surround handle high-level playback, while keeping the cone on track. The injection-molded SoloKon™ polypropylene cone features 360-degree, constant-contact back bracing for strength and responsiveness. And the UniPlate™ back plate and pole piece are made as a single, solid unit to allow heat to escape the motor.