Soundstream DPA5.2000D Reserve 5-Channel Amplifier w/ Electronic Digital Pre-Amp & Top Mounted LCD Panel

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A full-system amp with all the features you wantSoundstream designed their Reserve Series DPA5.2000D 5-channel amplifier to supply your speakers, tweeters, and subs with plenty of power, and give you the ability to fine-tune the amplified sound to match each driver with digital precision. The DPA5.2000D can send each of your front and rear speakers 75 watts RMS while supplying a subwoofer with up to 400 watts RMS. Or, you can power a couple of high performance speakers with 250 watts each from the bridged front and rear channels, while powering a subwoofer with 400 watts RMS.Digital signal processingDigital Pre-Amp Tuning features include variable high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass filters, along with a variable bass boost and phase control. All setting are made by button and confirmed on the digital display. The high- and low-pass filters have unusually wide ranges (20-20K Hz) and steep slopes (48 dB/octave) to accommodate the widest variety of different tweeters, speakers, and s